Web Application Firewall (WAF). Absorb dangers of the internet.


Latest version: v2.3.8 • 03-08-2018

  • fix not to strip content for binary downloads
  • fix set autocert engine to be disabled by default
  • fix hide autocert ‘cache missed’ when user accessing .well-known url
  • remove Attack Score from all messages as we do not use it anymore
  • show payload in square brackets for attack in reporting
  • fix to set Connection: close header for attack response
  • remove hacker-trolling printer error ;)
  • add even if “WAF:” is disabled still set security headers in response
  • add not to set X-Ruxy header when “WAF:” disabled
  • remove raw requests dumps from /tmp/*.rx.req every 12 hours if older than 3 days

Changes in older versions: v2.3.7 v2.3.6 v2.3.5 v2.3.4 v2.3.3 v2.3.2